Club Fundraising
Funny Photos
Photo Night For Clubs
With us photo night is usually a fairly seamless affair. As a rule, most clubs prefer a schedule of
teams every 10 or 15 minutes, however we can shoot a team every 7 minutes. We’ll work with you
to come up with the best solution for your club & can manipulate the schedule on the night if required.
Main Photo Night Pricing
$15.00 -  8x10 inch Laminates
$25 - 11x14 Laminates
(this is “old school” sizing – nearly A3)
$30 - 11x14 Hardboard
(5mm thinline board, not cardboard mounted)

Sitting fee for single teams outside of club night : $50
Block Mounted Team Montage
Our gift to you is a 12x18 or 20x30 inch montage print of all the photographer teams, mounted &
ready to hang. What a great way to display the years’ photos in the clubrooms at no extra
charge to the club (minimum 6 teams).  
Many of our clubs utilize our fundraising option which guarantees the club funds on every order. Some of our clubs receive over
$1000 every year from photo night.
As of 2017 all funny photos will be made available to everyone in the team "free of charge" on our Face Book site